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Business Intelligence

We use a wide range of different sources and platforms to gather data to help clients better understand who their counter-parties are, what they do and whom they are connected to. Identifying potential risks and available solutions

Complex Data Processing

Our team meticulously tracks and validates  stream of information, including data mining through a variety of ways including site visits, calls and third-party services, such as data analytics providers or credit bureau. 

Markets Analysis

We used decades of experience to build unique forecasting models using artificial intelligence to translate big data into clear business insights, empowering investments, enabling decisions on your business growth. 

International Trading Support

 We take a principal position and direct ownership of the cargo & commodities to 

support International trading of our clients.

Supply Chain Management

Engage third party agent to conduct testing & inspection prior delivery of commodity, Check vessel & storage facilities to secure cargo safety.

Physical and Data Storing

Providing storage facilities across the globe to safely store valuable data or physical goods.  24/7 access to information and commodities.

About RR Wave

Grow your business with our customized solutions

In 2018 the founders of RR Wave, who have a diversified background spanning commodity trading, shipping, technology and law enforcement came together to research into and develop tailored solutions for investors and businesses.

Our broad business networks, enable us to provide highly customized ad hoc services to clients throughout all of the industries across wide-ranging fields including investment, real estate, agri-business, lifestyle, chemicals, energy, metals & mineral resources, power business, infrastructure project, transportation, finance, construction, industrial machinery, and next generation business development.

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